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The High Weald Academy

Pride in your future

The High Weald Academy is an exciting and innovative 11-18 school
which welcomes students of all abilities


Part of the Brook Learning Trust, the Academy provides an education for students of all abilities and is focused on ensuring that everyone is able to learn, achieve and flourish.

  • Welcome from the Principal

    High Weald Academy is a rural school serving a rural community.  Our aims are aspiration, achievement and ambition, we want every student to aspire to great things, set ambitious goals and achieve their potential. Our School Farm is outstanding and unique and supports learning across the curriculum.  Our partnerships with Plumpton Agricultural College, Cranbrook School and local primary schools makes us unique and sets us at the heart of the town.

    We are a vibrant community where our PRIDE values underpin all we do:

    • Personal Excellence
    • Respect and Friendship
    • Inspiration
    • Determination and Courage
    • Equality

    We set high expectations of behaviour and learning.  Students are encouraged to work hard and strive for their best. They are supported by a team of staff who are committed to ensuring that children flourish and support them both academically and pastorally to ensure that they are happy and able to learn. 

    We are proud of our achievements where 2014 saw the highest results at GCSE with 57% of students achieving 5 good GCSEs at A*-C grades including English and Maths.  These results enable students to go on to sixth form, higher education and careers that they are rightly proud of.

    Why not come and see for yourself the great things that are happening at High Weald Academy?  Please contact us to arrange a visit and meet with the team.

    Carrie Beech - Principal
    Carol Morris - Chief Executive Officer: Brook Learning Trust

  • Welcome from the Head Boy

    Within the school each student, teacher and member of staff has their own role to play, whether it be serving food in the cafeteria, to running the school as Principal. Each role they play has a significant impact on the school. The Head Boy has many vital roles that allow not only the sixth form to run smoothly, but also to create the link between the lower school and the community.

    One of the most influencing roles that the Head Boy and Head Girl has is to provide the face for the sixth form and the Academy, as well as representing the aspirations of the academy and what the students and staff aspire to achieve.  Although representing the school is a crucial role that the Head Boy has to fulfil, as the representative he would also have the partnering role of welcoming new faces to the school plus promoting the school as a whole and all of our successes.  As well as the link between sixth form and the main school, the Head Boy also creates the bridge between staff and pupils, so that we as students are able to share and promote either any issues, or any beneficial changes that we feel will help us and the school to continue to develop.

    What would I intend to do as Head Boy and what can I bring to the school?

    The main thing that I am intending to achieve within the role and status of Head Boy, is to build and develop the unity between the sixth form and the lower school, as well as increasing the bond between year groups. I aim to do this through the use of inter-house and year competitions.  Although we have a sports day and other events these are only for a short period of time and focus only on sport, I would also love to include more opportunities as these form crucial bonds and relationships between people and teams.  What I intend to do is create and promote more events that offer competitive elements between houses, instead of just sport we could do other competitions and focus on other subjects, which could be run and lead by members of the sixth form including the school prefects who would specialise and focus on their preferred subjects.

    As a result of this it will help to build on the rapport between not only sixth form and the lower school but also between the year groups.  The effect is that the school as a whole is able to form a closer bond and cooperate more efficiently together.

    I also intend to develop the relationships between the years 13 and 12, much like the last Head Boy and Head Girl successfully achieved last year.  Including them not only in the sixth form but also integrating them in choices that effect the sixth form, such as suggestions for fundraising events and a school prom.  By taking and incorporating different ideas from both years we will be able to make the events more enjoyable and effective and will continue to improve upon the positive image that the school is creating.

    Tom Green - Head Boy

  • Welcome From The Head Girl

    Everybody has a role within school, whether you’re a pupil or a teacher we all have a role and we all have aspirations and expectations to succeed.  When I think about the role of the Head Girl within The High Weald Academy, I think about somebody who can bring people together effectively to work within any type of  team situation. I think about somebody who represents what the High Weald Academy stands for and embodies and also the morals and principles we radiate as a school. I believe that it is vital for a Head Girl and Head boy to work together and use the skills and qualities of not only themselves but also those in the prefect team to enhance sixth form life.

    So what does it really take to be a Head girl?

    I believe being a Head Girl not only means a role of responsibility but also being a good listener, who is able to take all views and opinions into consideration. I think as Head Girl you need to be able to communicate professionally with your teachers but also be a friend to the rest of your peers, and be open to giving advice

    My ideas for the Prefect Team would be for us to not only involve lower school in our fundraising ventures, but to also ask the opinions and ideas of year 12 students to try and build a stronger bond between us as the sixth form, which we are then able to constitute into our relationship with the lower school. This will enable us to develop and nourish fresh ideas and also become a more connected school.  I would love to integrate the school more, not just through sports day’s but through academic challenges and advice assembly’s which allow sixth formers to pass on their experiences and advice to pupils in the lower school who may feel scared or worried about their GCSE’s or exams.

    Another idea I have for the prefect team would be for us as sixth formers to work closer with our tutors and head of houses to come up with activities in tutor time that mean that both sixth formers and the lower school are working together in teams which will strengthen the bond between sixth form and lower school.

    I strongly believe that I can make a difference within the school community.

    Gemma Churcher - Head Girl

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