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The High Weald Academy

Pride in your future

The High Weald Academy is an exciting and innovative 11-18 school
which welcomes students of all abilities


Part of the Brook Learning Trust, the Academy provides an education for students of all abilities and is focused on ensuring that everyone is able to learn, achieve and flourish.

  • Welcome from the Principal

    High Weald Academy is a rural school serving a rural community.  Our aims are aspiration, achievement and ambition, we want every student to aspire to great things, set ambitious goals and achieve their potential. Our School Farm is outstanding and unique and supports learning across the curriculum.  Our partnerships with Plumpton Agricultural College, Cranbrook School and local primary schools makes us unique and sets us at the heart of the town.

    We are a vibrant community where our PRIDE values underpin all we do:

    • Personal Excellence
    • Respect and Friendship
    • Inspiration
    • Determination and Courage
    • Equality

    We set high expectations of behaviour and learning.  Students are encouraged to work hard and strive for their best. They are supported by a team of staff who are committed to ensuring that children flourish and support them both academically and pastorally to ensure that they are happy and able to learn. 

    We are proud of the hard work and determination that saw our results continue to improve in the summer of 2015.  With a headline measure of 59% of students achieving 5 good GCSE grades at A*-C including English and maths this is the highest set of results that academy has achieved to date.  We had particularly strong results in Maths and Science with  77% of students achieving A*-C in both subjects with English hard on their heels with 69% of students achieving this bench mark.  We were also very proud of our sixth form results, particularly in the vocational subjects which puts us in the top 25% nationally for level 3 Btec achievements.  83% of our young people achieved Distinction* to Merit (equivalent of A*-B grades) in their vocational courses.

    Why not come and see for yourself the great things that are happening at High Weald Academy?  Please contact us to arrange a visit and meet with the team.

    Carrie Beech - Principal
    Carol Morris - Chief Executive Officer: Brook Learning Trust

  • Welcome from the Head Boy

    Within the school each student, teacher and member of staff has their own role to play, whether it be serving food in the cafeteria, to running the school as Principal. Each role they play has a significant impact on the school. The Head Boy has many vital roles that allow not only the sixth form to run smoothly, but also to create the link between the lower school and the community.

    One of the most influencing roles that the Head Boy and Head Girl has is to provide the face for the sixth form and the Academy, as well as representing the aspirations of the academy and what the students and staff aspire to achieve.  Although representing the school is a crucial role that the Head Boy has to fulfil, as the representative he would also have the partnering role of welcoming new faces to the school plus promoting the school as a whole and all of our successes.  As well as the link between sixth form and the main school, the Head Boy also creates the bridge between staff and pupils, so that we as students are able to share and promote either any issues, or any beneficial changes that we feel will help us and the school to continue to develop.

    What would I intend to do as Head Boy and what can I bring to the school?

    A goal I would like to achieve as head boy is to improve the relationship between the sixth form and the lower school. At this point in the year, sixth formers have taken on the role of assisting teachers in the activities of enrichment and during afternoon tutor times. The aim is to assist the teachers in these times and to tell students that the sixth formers are nice and friendly people to talk to. I would like to further encourage this message to the lower school to build the relationship.

    Another method I think that would be extremely beneficial in building the rapport between the sixth form and the lower school is cooperating with each other during fundraising events. As a sixth form, we have raised money for a prom and for two charities; we aim to continue to do this throughout the year. During these fundraising activities, we found we became closer as a group and as a whole sixth form. Because of this I would like to invite the lower school to propose any ideas they have about raising money, so that, in time there is a possibility that a group of students from the lower school are able to work with the sixth form in creating a real event that they came up with themselves. This would be something for them to be proud of, knowing that it was there idea and at the same time they are raising money for a good cause.

    Another method I hope to use in the future is the safe space. The SAFE space is an idea thought up by the SAFE ambassadors of the school who are 4 sixth formers. The idea of SAFE is to improve awareness of mental health and how we all have mental health. Currently still in its developmental phase, the SAFE space will be a designated room in the school where children can go to simply have a chat, and maybe play a few games. The room will be supervised by 2-4 sixth formers at all times and although there will only be a small amount of people in there, it will still be beneficial in creating relationships between the lower school and the sixth form.

    Oscar Willis - Head Boy

  • Welcome From The Head Girl

    Being head girl is an amazing opportunity that comes with a lot of responsibilities that I am always excited to take on. It’s important to have a good relationship with all of the students in school, especially in sixth form. It’s vital as head girl to bring everyone together so that we can all work as a team and create a happy environment for us all to work in. I feel that team work is very important, it’s reassuring to know that if there was ever a problem with a student they know that they have the Prefect Team to help guide them about their studies or school life. It’s always comforting getting advice from someone who has just previously been in the same position as you.

    The responsibilities that I have to take on as being Head Girl is being a great listener and a great communicator, it’s important that I listen to everyone’s views and opinions and then communicate then with Head Boy and the Prefect Team so that we can achieve success in our sixth form. I enjoy welcoming new faces to the school and promoting all our achievements and success as I believe this is something to be very proud of. I have a great a relationships with all the teachers at The High Weald Academy and an excellent knowledge of how the school works and what we can offer. It’s important that I take on all of these responsibilities with an open mind and take into consideration all of my peers views and opinions.

    Currently I feel that the 6th form only involve ourselves with the lower school in enrichment and sports day, but I want to do more. One thing that I would love to introduce is a system where students who are struggling and are effected by the pressure of exams can pair up with a 6th former who can give them additional advice and guidance about revision and coping strategies. I feel that this will form friendships across the school and give students someone to communicate with who will be understanding and supportive. Another way I want to bring the school community together is through charity and fundraising events such as talent shows, teacher VS student games and fancy dress days. This would help us to raise money for local charities whilst having fun as a community and integrating with students who we may not already socialise with.  

    I have been at The High Weald Academy since 2009, and sixth form is definitely my favourite part of my secondary school education, I have made lots of new friendships and proud of the happy, safe environment that we work in. Help is always needed in sixth form with teachers and especially help from the Prefect Team. Our Prefect Team puts 100% into the jobs that we do, this involves visiting the lower school during break times to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves and if they need any help we are there. I believe this to be reassuring for the students of The High Weald Academy as they know that they don’t walk alone.

    I am excited to take on all of these responsibilities and make a difference in our school.

    Lydia Hobson - Head Girl

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