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The High Weald Academy


Schooling based on the Olympic and Paralympic values of PRIDE

The school ethos of Achievement and Ambition and PRIDE create an outstanding school for behaviour management, personal development and effective learning. It is designed to allow understanding and awareness of the school and communities’ expectations for pupil conduct and consistency of approach for staff and students. 

Personal Excellence (Self-Awareness, Managing Feelings)

  1. I know the things I find hard and I can try to get better at them
  2. I can keep myself clean, tidy and well-organised
  3. I have good attendance and punctuality
  4. I can control my feelings, especially anger
  5. I have a good sense of humour

 Respect and Friendship

  1. I know that how I express my feelings makes a difference to other people
  2. I understand that my behaviour affects other people's learning
  3. I can listen and respond in the correct way at the right time
  4. I stay friends without hurting others
  5. I can work in a team to complete a task
  6. I look after our school environment

 Inspiration (Motivation)

  1. I want to learn
  2. I am well-prepared and can concentrate
  3. I sustain my focus by setting targets and accept rewards
  4. I am not afraid to made mistakes and can learn from them
  5. I have confidence in myself and will try my best at all times

 Determination and Courage (Motivation)

  1. I am able to focus and ignore distractions
  2. I take responsibility for myself, my actions and my learning
  3. I can make independent decisions while maintaining positive relationships
  4. I can solve problems, including conflict with other people
  5. I have the confidence to learn from my mistakes and can repair damaged relationships

 Equity (Empathy, Social Skills)

  1. I can understand other people's points of view even if I don't agree with their ideas
  2. I never put other people down
  3. I know the negative impact of bullying
  4. I accept people from other cultures and backgrounds
  5. I am courteous and polite
  6. I am a good listener