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The High Weald Academy

Key Stage 4 Results

High Weald Academy Results 2016 – the road to success

In 2015 The High Weald Academy achieved their best ever GCSE results. Results showed that 59% of students achieved five A* - C grades, up considerably on previous years. Results were particularly strong in core subjects English, maths and science which secured 68%, 77% and 77% pass rates respectively.  This trajectory of improvement has continued this year in relation to progress measures from students’ starting points although the headline measures are down slightly. 

High Weald Academy has a strong track record in vocational qualifications and many students achieved the highest Distinction and Distinction* grades (equivalent to A and A*) in their vocational courses including Business Studies, Sport and IT.  This gives our students a really good grounding to go onto Sixth Form, College places or apprenticeships. The range of qualifications and the level of achievement shows the amount of hard work, dedication and commitment that our students and staff have shown to achieve such success.  These are qualities that our students will take with them into their future studies and careers.

Amongst the highlights of our successes we have some students who have done exceptionally well; Millie James with 6 A grades and 3 B grades, Ellie Dillon-White achieved 5 A grades, 4 Bs and a C and Jack Farley with 3 A grades and 4 B grades.  Sahiste Saglem stole the show in Science with A grades in Chemistry, Physics and Biology and Callum Rhodes gained his A* in Maths, along with an array of other A and B grades.  These students are all going on to sixth form studies and are sure to have glistening prospects in front of them.

At post 16 in the sixth form students follow a range of vocational or academic subjects and over recent years the vocational results have improved considerably and are a real strength of the academy.  Our growing partnership with Cranbrook School extends the courses that our students are able to follow.  Our vocational results in 2015 gave an average point score of 243 points per entry which far exceeds the government floor standards and put us in the top 25% for vocational courses nationally.  This year we have consolidated that with an average point score of 238 points per entry, a great achievement.

Mrs Beech, Principal said, “Staff and students here are completely dedicated.  Here at High Weald Academy we support students in all aspects of their development and achievement.  It is about making sure that every one of our young people make good progress and are supported to be the best that they can be.  We are so proud of all our students’ achievements.”

 “I am looking forward to a very positive future for The High Weald Academy.”

Headline Measures for GCSE KS4

Key Stage Four Results 2016 (Provisional)

Progress 8 Score


Attainment 8 Score


% Students gaining A*-C in English

64.8 %

% Students gaining A*-C in Maths

62.9 %

% Students gaining A*-C in both English and Maths

57.4 %

% Students gaining A*-C in EBac (English, maths, 2 sciences, a language, and history or geography)

3.7 %


Below are the Key Stage 4 examination results for High Weald Academy 2013-2015:





5A*-C inc. English and Maths




GCSE English A*-C




GCSE Maths A*-C




GCSE Science      (1 GCSE or Equivalent)




3LOP English




4LOP English




3LOP Maths




4LOP Maths






Assessment is integral to teaching and learning.  It acknowledges progress, highlights underachievement and is essential to inform teacher’s planning.  The process provides accurate and useful information for students and parents/carers, in order that they understand what they have achieved, what they can attain and what they need to do in order that they achieve their High Weald Academy Expected Progress Grade. We report 5 times a year on students’ progress and the data is loaded onto the Go4Schools system which allows parents to log in through the Parent Gateway and see the grades and comments related to your child’s progress and achievement.  (Please see the page on the website for the Parent Gateway through to Go4Schools.  If you have not logged on before you will be able to set yourself up as a new user providing your email address is logged with the academy.) 

We help students to understand their expected progress grades and think about what they need to do to improve.  We make every effort to keep parents and students informed of progress and staff will often ring home to update parents or set up meetings where needed.  We have a full report once a year which is linked to the dates for the parent consultation evenings and we run curriculum and update evenings to help keep parents informed of local and national developments.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the academy if you have any questions.