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The High Weald Academy

School Uniform

School Uniform for Academic Year 2016/17

High Weald Academy students are required to wear school uniform at all times whilst in school.

The new-style High Weald Academy uniform will be launched in September 2016 for the new Year 7 intake, and older students may wear it as they grow out of their current, old-style uniform.  You may want to buy new for September for your child anyway and we expect the old uniform to have run its course within one school year, and ideally by Easter 2017.  There is also a new backpack which will be on sale for Year 7s and will be compulsory for them to use this bag.


High Weald Academy uniform will now be sold via a company called SWI. SWI will deliver all 'day' uniform as well as the new PE kit, which until this year was purchased via the finance department in school.

Click here to order the new uniform from the SWI 'Direct to Parent' website:

Simply follow the intructions to 'Register' as a parent, create an account and place your order.  Alternatively, you can send a paper order form and cheque payment via the post; download the order form at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions on the right-hand side of the form.  Delivery of the uniform should be made directly to your home address.

To make sure that you purchase the correct size uniform for your child, please see the SWI measurement guide here before making your order: 

If you wish to see the HWA uniform in person, please contact the academy reception and make an appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: All orders for new uniform must be completed by 4 August to ensure delivery for September start.

Day Uniform


  • Footwear: Black school-type, flat heeled shoes only [no backless shoes or boots]
  • Tights OR socks: Plain black.
  • Skirt:  Tartan [Purple/Black]
  • OR grey school trousers
  • Blazer [with HWA badge]: COMPULSORY and must be worn at all times.
  • Cardigan:  Academy V-neck cardigan [optional].
  • Blouse: Plain white with revere collar [you can buy elsewhere but it must be a revere neck collar style]


  • FootwearBlack school-type shoes
  • Trousers: Plain grey school-type trousers
  • Blazer [with HWA badge]: COMPULSORY and must be worn at all times.
  • Jumper:  Academy V-neck jumper [optional]
  • Tie:  Clip on Purple tie [Boys only]
  • Shirt: Plain white school shirt [this can be purchased in any high street store]

Hoodies, jeans and trainers are not part of school uniform and should not be worn

Sixth Form

  • Smart, business dress Monday and Friday; smart, casual the rest of the week.

Appearance (All Students)

  • Make-up: Very discreet
  • Nail Varnish: None
  • Jewellery:  Max 2 plain studs in each ear.  Nothing else should be visible.
  • Body Piercings:  NONE visible. Due to health and safety issues, piercings are to be discouraged. They must be removed for school.
  • Hair: No extreme colours or styles including tram lines and shaving.

PE Kit

Compulsory PE Kit [All]

  •  Polo Shirt
  •  Shorts - or Skort for girl
  •  Socks


  •  Track Pants 
  •  Boys:  Rugby Shirt 
  •  Girls:  Fleece