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A New School Year Begins...

It has been wonderful to begin this academic year by fully reopening our academies and it has been a pleasure to witness the return of our students after such a long time. There are many challenges ahead, but in the meantime, our students have settled well into their new routines and are focussed on their learning. The energy the students bring is contagious and with them the heartbeat of our schools have returned.

The work of our staff this term will centre around the education and well-being of our students as they adjust to life back at school and we are fully committed to ensuring the safety of our school community whilst on site. We are mindful that each member of our academy community will have experienced the pandemic differently and we are working to support all those who have faced hardship, loss or loneliness. 

Lockdown also brought opportunities for change and innovation, and our leaders are reflecting on what we can learn from the experience. There are many elements that can continue and will improve the way our students can learn. Looking ahead, we will need to continue to respond to changing circumstances and look for ways to adapt and improve to ensure our students receive the education they deserve.

Our Trust is a tight knit community of individuals who have always risen to the challenge of responding to change, united by the values which reinforce our shared identify. We are excited about our future, as together we continue to grow and develop.

We shall, collectively, look forward to a safe and successful academic year ahead of us, where every child can be the best they can be. Our children only get one chance in their education and it is our responsibility to provide the very best for them - despite the Covid–19 challenges!