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British Values


Our students have a voice through our student Leadership teams. Our Head Boy and Head Girl are elected by the students. The Prefect Team represent the students’ well-being at meetings and Student Council.

Our students often engage in giving the school feedback about whole school events/issues using Survey Monkey and are often called to discuss issues in focus groups with adults.

Students take an active role in senior staff recruitment and participate in student panels on interview days.

Our behaviour policy is transparent and the students have been consulted on the process. Our classroom expectations are fair and just, with clear procedures if they are not adhered to.

Our academy-wide expectations are aimed at preparing our young people for the wider world, encouraging organisation (equipment checks), professional appearance (uniform) and punctuality. 

Our young people are encouraged to take on prefect roles at Year 10 and are given duties, such as corridor and assembly management.

Our students are encouraged to explore different cultures and customs in lessons such as RE and PSHE.

Our students are taught about diversity and it is celebrated in a number of displays around the school.

Our student are educated about the LGBTQ + community as well body image and disabilities.

Our students are awarded P.R.I.D.E points for demonstrating the following values: Participation, Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence, in and outside of the classroom.

Our young people have the right to express their opinions and their feelings in lessons without fear of ridicule, as long as this is not offensive to any other party.

We encourage students to attend clubs that are best suited to their interests.

Our students are supported in competing outside of school, whether that is sports, arts or within the farming community.

Our young people are celebrated every day with golden tickets, PRIDE points and end of term assemblies, with certificates and prizes.

We support our GRT students with outside visitors and support.

We work hard to make our students feel safe to be themselves, working on LGBTQ+, relationships, mental and sexual health issues, as well as identity and body-positivity.

At The High Weald Academy we endeavour to treat each other with respect. Regardless of gender, race, sexuality, ability or position in the school, everyone deserves to feel respected.

Staff greet students at the classroom door and students at KS3 stand behind their chairs as they enter the room.

We also ensure our young people understand that it is ok to have a difference of opinion and that it is important to listen to others.

We have a restorative justice system in which a student and a member of staff will have an assisted conversation if a situation has arisen, allowing both parties to have a say.