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Our Vision and Ethos

Schooling based on the Olympic and Paralympic values of PRIDE

The school ethos of Achievement and Ambition and PRIDE create an outstanding school for behaviour management, personal development and effective learning. It is designed to allow understanding and awareness of the school and communities’ expectations for pupil conduct and consistency of approach for staff and students. 


  1. Completing your work to the best of your ability
  2. Doing what you say you will do, when you say you will
  3. Taking the initiative to be proactive and get things done
  4. Assisting, encouraging and supporting others and appreciating their skills and talents


  1. Treating others as you wish to be treated
  2. Being understanding and compassionate towards others
  3. Treating others equally and kindly  
  4. Being aware of the needs of others and responding accordingly


  1. Adhere to the expectations regarding your own conduct and self-regulate when necessary
  2. Demonstrate respect for yourself and others in your words and actions
  3. Take pride in your own work and that of your peers
  4. Demonstrate a commitment to positively enhance our learning community and environment


  1. Honour the viewpoints and beliefs of others
  2. Value each member of our community, recognising there are different ways of doing things
  3. Be open to others’ ideas, thoughts and perspectives
  4. Appreciate different cultures, to recognise and address your own biases and barriers


  1. Be professional and appropriate in your thoughts, actions, words and attire
  2. Embrace a “can do” mentality and a “yes let’s” attitude
  3. Set and maintain high expectations for yourself and others
  4. Persevere and demonstrate resilience in your actions