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Our Expectations

Positive Learning Attitudes and Respect

  • Be punctual to all lessons
  • Be polite and treat other people in the same way that you would like to be treated
  • Mobile phones, MP3 players and iPods must not be used, seen or heard inside school buildings
  • No chewing gum or smoking on the school site
  • Put litter in the bins provided
  • Water may be taken into classrooms in a clear plastic bottle. No other food or drink is allowed
  • Keep to paths when walking around school
  • Students should use respectful language and behaviour at all times
  • Students should walk calmly and quietly through the school
  • Take care when going through doors and corridors, keeping to the left.

Equipment, Standards and Responsibilities

Students should be ready to learn and have all required equipment with them as listed below:

  • Pen(s) and pencil
  • Ruler
  • Protractor
  • Calculator
  • Pencil sharpener and rubber
  • Exercise books and text books as required for lessons (There should be no graffiti on your exercise/text books or planner)
  • A sensible size school bag
  • PE kit for PE lessons (see School Uniform page). PE Kit must not be worn when travelling to and from school.