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The Farm

The prize-winning High Weald Academy Farm is an outstanding facility, supporting learning across all subjects and enriching every student’s experience.

We are one of only a few schools that still have a farm, and ours is one of the highest performing school farms in the county. It is run largely on a commercial basis and the dairy and beef cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens are not kept as pets, but are a source of profit when they go to market. The academy students work with the Farm Manager to run the farm. This unique setting helps them to develop their qualities of commitment, endeavour, confidence, care and leadership; to name just a few. We also use this brilliant resource to support learning right across the curriculum, from Science and Geography, to English and Environmental Studies.

Any student with a pair of wellington boots is welcome to join in and gain a unique opportunity to work closely with animals and members of the public.

The High Weald Academy Young Farmers’ Club offers an excellent and unique opportunity for students from year 7 to Year 11 to develop both agricultural and life skills.  The hands on learning approach on the academy’s commercial livestock farm, means the young farmers are actively involved in the day-to-day running of the farm.

We have a range of other specialist facilities that support learning and achievement. We are continually exploring ways of improving and developing our extensive site to make the most of the opportunities it affords.