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House System

The High Weald Academy has a house system made up of four individual houses, each recognising one of the predecessor schools that were based within the local area before it. Each of our houses aim to recognise and build on the history of the school, whilst striving to further develop the culture and ethos of the whole school community.

Our four houses are:

Total Points:  21919

Angley – in recognition of the school as Angley School/Sports College, established in 1971 as a merger of both Mary Sheafe and Swattenden Schools.

Total Points:  23221

Sheafe – in recognition of the Mary Sheafe School for Girls which was founded on the current Angley Road site in 1957.

Total Points:  22316

Swattenden – in recognition of Swattenden School for Boys, based at Swattenden House, and is also where our main school hall derives its name – Swattenden Hall.

 Total Points:  23971

Weald – in recognition of the school in its current stage as the High Weald Academy, established in September 2012.

 Students are recognised and rewarded for demonstrating community values and behaviours, as well as in their studies and work ethic within their lesson. Each week, we share with students an update on the house points achieved for the previous week through our assembly program, and recognise our top achievers through a celebration roll call.