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Meet the Head of School

Head of School
Mrs Lisa Barker

I’m extremely proud to run an all ability community school and now I have building to match what is achieved on the inside. The new building has brought about a positive change.  The benefits of the new school will only enhance and improve what we do.  Every student here at the academy receives an excellent education, one which not only inspires them, but offers opportunities to learn and achieve things beyond their expectations.

We are delighted to be in our new school building and are very much enjoying and benefitting from our modern and up-to-date surroundings.  We can already see the heightened self-esteem of students as they come into school each day.

The benefits already being enjoyed, include an enhanced education offering. The design of the school means lessons are now delivered in an inspiring, motivational and creative environment.  We have been able to expand our curriculum and now run an extended drama programme throughout the school.  We have added a new subject to our arts programme, photography, that has really captured the attention of our students. The eight new and up-to-date science laboratories have enabled us to increase practical learning, helping students to gain a better understanding the subject, which we know will improve their academic success progress.

From walking around the new building it is clear to see that our students enjoy and are proud of their surroundings. There is a new energy about the school and the new building provides encouragement for students to take a proactive role in their learning, to achieve their personal best.

Although we have only just moved in, it is already evident that the new school building has secured a quality learning environment for our students and for generations of local children to come.  The new school has also created an opportunity to strengthen and build new links within the community, which is key for taking the academy forward and ensuring our students leave prepared for their lives ahead.

I look forward to welcoming you soon to The High Weald Academy.