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The latest news and sports results from The High Weald Academy can be found below. Click on a story to read more.

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  • 09/07/21

    Telephone line issues

    We are currently experiencing issues with our telephone lines, please email the academy on
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  • 08/06/21

    Year 11 Hungry Hippos

    Year 11's had fun on the last day of term in PE. Old school classic board games were transferred into PE games including twister, buckaroo and hungry hippos as you can see in the picture!
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  • 05/05/21

    Character Acting in Drama

    Drama students have taken delivery of some fantastic costumes which has seen some fun and games, not to mention some humorous character acting!
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  • 21/04/21

    Year 9 girls excel in Javelin Lesson

    Our Year 9 girls have impressed Mrs Coleman this week in their Javelin lesson. Although they have missed a year of practice due to lockdown, their lesson was the highest success rate in javelin throws Mrs Coleman has ever experienced at HWA.
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  • 29/03/21

    Student celebration of work

    Great Art work from Year 10
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  • 01/03/21

    House Challenge Week 5 - Winners

    Week 5 House Challenge - Upcycle Project
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  • 23/02/21

    The UK University & Apprenticeship Search Virtual Fair

    Virtual Careers Event - Wednesday 17th March
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  • 22/02/21

    Ofsted Monitoring Inspection - Tuesday 23 February

    On Tuesday 23rd February, the academy is having a Ofsted Monitoring Inspection. Ofsted is also very keen to get parent's opinions, if you wish to give your opinion. Please click here
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