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Students join Workshop on Developments in Cranbrook

In December, some sixth formers took part in a design workshop regarding plans for new homes being built in Cranbrook.

We were given a map of the plot to be built on and the surrounding area of Cranbrook, we were then told to place small model buildings on where the map where we thought they’d be best suited. There were many things to consider, one of them being the historical importance of Cranbrook and how the houses would be laid out.

We decided that no one wants the lovely town of Cranbrook being surrounded by hundreds of identical houses with no character. We also decided that there should be a large green area where the new houses would be placed in keeping with the fields surrounding it. It was very interesting to hear the different opinions and views of the development from many people who work in Cranbrook. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to seeing what happens in the future.

Oscar Willis
Head Boy