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The High Weald Academy presents Angley School Art Exhibition

It was with great pleasure that The High Weald Academy took its Angley School Art collection to Cranbrook Library for display.

The art had been purchased for the school by Mrs Vona Reynolds and her husband.  Vona had worked at the school as an art teacher for many years and before that taught at Mary Sheafe.  Some of our own staff and parents of current students remembered her fondly as their teacher.

The art collection was put away for safe keeping, some of you may remember it used to be on show in the entrance of the school.  When Vona died last year, her close friend Mr Christopher Neve contacted the school to see if we still had it here.  She used to tell him about the art work and he thought it would be good to see what it consisted of and if it still existed.  Mrs Warman, PA to the Pricipal, worked with Mr Neve to get the collection shown locally.  We were lucky that the library in Cranbrook said they had a space to spare and we were very pleased with the result.

Thanks to everyone who attended the show.  Thanks to Vona and her husband for putting this collection together all those years ago.  She may be no longer with us, but the work she did lives on in the memories of many ex-students of Angley, and many of the local people too.  Lastly, thank you to Mr Neve who spent a long time sorting the pictures and hanging them for us - they did look great on the wall together again.