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High Weald Footballers Pay Tribute to Isaac Newell on KMTV

Online news service KMTV visited the Academy yesterday and interviewed our Year 11 football players.

Adrian Pope, a volunteer at High Weald and avid football fan, has started a campaign to get a statue  erected in Strood to mark the birthplace of Isaac Newell (24 April 1853 – 16 October 1907) - an English teacher who pioneered football in Argentina and founded of one of Argentina’s great football clubs, Newell’s Old Boys. Newell’s Old Boys and River Plate are the two Argentinian football giants that are very proud of their unique origins; that they were schools before they became football clubs. 

Our students played some football for the cameras and afterwards some of them were interviewed.  They also sent a message in Spanish to viewers in Argentina. To watch the video in full, please follow the link below: