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World Literacy Day

What is literacy?

In its most simple form, literacy is the ability to read, write and communicate effectively. At the High Weald Academy, we aim to teach children the power of language, the nuance associated with word choices and the impact of carefully chosen structures and vocabulary.


Why is literacy important?

We want our children to develop the skills that will make them confident readers, writers and orators. We understand that communication and understanding is the key that unlocks a world to different experiences, ideas and knowledge.


Why do we celebrate literacy?

We celebrate literacy because we believe that every child should take pleasure in their ability to read and write and that they should be able to communicate in a way that makes them feel empowered. Also, we simply love books. In books we can escape our everyday lives, drift off to magical places and meet an array of exciting characters.


How do we approach literacy at the Academy?

At the Academy, we expect all students to have their own book as a part of their equipment and we encourage them to read at every moment they have spare. Every Friday during tutor time, students read as a class and complete questions that allow them to express their understanding of the meaning of the book. KS3 students also complete and hour of Bedrock online learning a week which helps build literacy skills. In these sessions, students will also read a class reader and practice punctuation and grammar skills in their literacy booklets.