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Hear from a Year 7 Student

Hi, my name is Leah,

I joined The High Weald Academy last September.  When I walked in to the building for the first time I felt nerves. I was worried that I wasn’t going to make any friends and I was going to get lost.  I went up to my form tutor and introduce myself, by the way my tutor is Ms Scully she is really kind and helpful.

I followed my class to assembly and that is where I met Mrs Barker, the Head of School.  She was really nice and she spoke to us about the rules, what clubs we can join and what would be happening for the rest of the day.

Luckily, only year 7 were in on the first day so we had some quality time to get to know our way around the school without crowds of other students.  At break and lunch we got to sit with people from other primary schools to get to know them. The friends that I have now are the people I met then on my first day.

My two favourite lessons are Art and English. The reason why I like art is because I get to be creative and do stuff that I never thought I could do. The reason I like English so much, is because I get to write my own stories and create poetry.

My best moments in year 7 was when I got my two pride keys, which you are awarded for house points. The other best part was meeting my friends.  I have made such good friends here.  With my friends we all got to go ice skating, the trip was a reward for being awarded lots of house points and having good attendance.

All of the year 7’s got to go on a college trip to see if we would want to go there when we leave school.  We also got to see what career we may want to do when we are older.

Farm studies is really fun, you get to go to the farm and learn about all the animals and how a farm works.                   

I hope you have a good time at The High Weald Academy and make sure you have fun!

Leah – Year 7