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Welcome to the area of the website designed to be one stop shop for our parents and carers. The partnership we will develop over the time your child is a student with us is incredibly important. Being a teenager is a difficult thing, being the parent or carer of a teenager can, at times, seem like an even harder challenge. It is by working together that we will provide the necessary support and challenge to help your child navigate their way through their secondary education and prepare them for the pathway they choose to follow when they leave us. Together we will ensure that they are fully equipped with the academic, social and emotional skills and qualities they will need to flourish as adults in society.

We hope that you will find everything you need on this page to help you better understand the day to day systems and processes of our academy. If there is information which you need but cannot find please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or through the enquiries page of this website.

In addition to the information here please also remember that we hold annual consultation events for each year group when you are able to meet with individual teachers, as well as parent forum meetings which are opportunities for you to come into the academy and learn more about specific areas of our work and meet with other parents and carers. Your child’s tutor should always be the first point of contact as they will be able to best direct any enquiry you make have. In addition to the teaching and support staff parents are also able to contact the Academy Council Parent Advocate to discuss their views and ideas – further details about this role and how to contact the advocate are available on our governance pages.