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Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors in secondary schools can aid in the transition of younger students from primary school to secondary school. They may assist mentees with their school work and study skills, peer pressure, issues with attendance and behaviour, and person issues.  A Peer Mentor becomes the “Go to person” for a mentee, for a specific period of time. A mentee may need support for the whole academic year, or just for a term, depending on their self-esteem, situation or vulnerability.

At High Weald Academy Peer Mentors are used throughout the school to help guide and support students during the academic year.  Peer Mentoring sessions are run through one-to-one sessions and group meetings.  Our Peer Mentoring scheme develops leadership skills in our trained mentors who are trustworthy role models for our younger students.  The Peer Mentoring scheme supports and encourages student success.

In order to become a Peer Mentor our students go through a proper recruitment process. This includes submitting a written application form, asking a member of staff to write a reference and then going through an interview with our Peer Mentor Lead, Mrs Coleman and Head of School, Mrs Barker.

During this recruitment process the skills and qualities we look for are:

  • Being able to develop and maintain positive relationships with a range of different people.
  • Having a good attitude to learning in the classroom and being self-motivated.
  • Having good school attendance and positive behaviour record.
  • Being willing to share ideas and demonstrate good interpersonal and communication skill.
  • Being able to work independently but also as part of a team.

During the Peer Mentoring programme, our mentors are expected to:

  • Undertake a training course that develops the skills that are needed to be a good Peer Mentor.
  • Check in with mentees at regular intervals throughout the week and feedback any concerns to the Peer Mentor Lead, Mrs Coleman.
  • Be available during tutor times and break/lunch times to be able to talk with their mentees.
  • Promote the positive impact of Peer Mentoring within the academy community.