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Subject Access Requests

Individuals wishing to access their personal data held by The High Weald Academy under the Data Protection Act can send a completed Subject Access Request (SAR) form to the Data Protection Officer (DPO).

The SAR Form can be accessed and completed online here, or alternatively sent to the DPO via, or by post to:

Data Protection Officer
The High Weald Academy
Angley Road
TN17 2PJ

Information required and procedure for responding to subject access requests

The personal data requested should be clearly identified. It may be necessary to confirm the identity of the data subject and/or the person making the request. The High Weald Academy will respond to requests within 30 calendar days of receipt of the completed form (provided sufficient information has been given to the school to enable the request to be processed).

General guidance when requesting subject access to emails

Data subjects are entitled to have access to their personal data held in the form of emails under the Act. However, data subjects must supply enough information to enable The High Weald Academy to locate the relevant emails. As a minimum, the following information must be provided to the DPO when completing the form:

  • The fact that the data may be held in the form of emails;
  • The names of the authors or recipients of the messages;
  • The dates or ranges of dates upon which the messages have been sent;
  • Any other information that might assist the school in locating the data.

Please note that failure to provide information reasonably required to narrow down the search could result in the school being unable to comply with a subject access request.

The High Weald Academy will comply with the Information Commissioner’s guidelines for SARs.