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Subject Access Request Form

The following information is required to enable us give an accurate response to your enquiry as quickly as possible.

1. Details of the Data Subject

2. Relationship of Data Subject to The High Weald Academy

Please indicate the data subject's relationship to The High Weald Academy

Select one of the following*

3. Personal Details of the Requester

Only complete this section if you are NOT the Data Subject (i.e. you are requesting information about another person). Please note that if you are acting on behalf of the Data Subject, The High Weald Academy will require evidence of the Data Subject’s identity, their written permission for you to receive their data and evidence of your identity.

4. Records Required

5. Declaration

I certify that the information given on this form is true. I understand that it may be necessary for The High Weald Academy to obtain more details in order to locate the correct information. I also understand that the 30 day period in which the school must respond to my request under the General Data Protection Regulation only commences when the school has sufficient information to process my request.


Anyone who impersonates another individual to gain access to his or her information may be guilty of an offence. The High Weald Academy will process the information provided in this Request Form for the purpose of dealing with your request.