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School Meals

Lunch Menus 

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School Catering Provided by ISS Facility Services Education

Free School Meals

Parents of students who already receive a free school meal at their primary school should email to advise them of their son's new secondary school.  Parents without email should telephone 03000 416464, which will take you through to a KCC contact centre.  You should then ask for Free School Meals.  New parents can apply online via: or telephone the above number.  £2.35 is allocated to a student's card each day for the purchase of items included in the meal deal ONLY (such as main meals, jacket potato + filling, pasta, fruit, sandwiches, dessert of the day and meal deal drinks). Parents may wish to give their child extra money to top-up in addition to their free school meal allowance, which can then be spent on non free school meal/meal deal items (such as cakes, biscuits, ice creams, non-meal deal drinks, and breakfast items such as hot paninis, sausage/bacon rolls, etc.). The free school meal balance cannot be spent during the breakfast session before school (8:30 – 8:45).