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Find out what our students say

Evelyn - Year 11

“The school is so much bigger, it’s completely different to the old school. All our lessons have changed, but in a good way. For example in science we are doing more practical experiments.  Every day there seems to be a new opportunity to do something new.”

Three words Evelyn used to describe The High Weald Academy: Exciting, Friendly and Encouraging

Lucy - Year 11

“What I like most about the school is how modern and spacious it is with different areas we now have access to. Outside we have a large dining area and indoors we have the ‘Atrium Space’ area, this is for both students and teachers; it’s somewhere you can work or have a quiet conversation.”

Three words Lucy used to describe The High Weald Academy: Fun, Diverse and Friendly

Aidan - Year 8

“I enjoy coming to the new school, everything is just better.  Better equipment, better classrooms and in science we do more practical’s and better experiments.  We have more space, everything is nice and new, we have everything we need.”